Valeria Levi

Valeria is a graduate in Theatre and Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. While her studies served her to build strong foundations in performance-making and critical thinking, a deep passion for dancing and movement always accompanied her alongside. Thanks to this, she has now jumped into her working career as a dance fitness instructor, dance workshop assistant and dance teacher.
However, because Valeria's goal is to get dance more and more present in her life and develop her skills more professionally, she is on one side training with Finnish dance artist Pirita Tuisku in many different styles, such as reggaeton, contemporary, street and latin styles.
On the other side, she is constantly attending workshops and courses in improvisation and movement therapies techniques to enrich her approach with a diverse range of inputs. That is how she became familiar with DanceAbility method and is willing to get her work more and more inclusive for people with different abilities.