Tharanga Wicramasinghe

I am a Sri Lankan Classical Dance performer, choreographer, dance instructor and a certified Yoga instructor based in Edinburgh. I was born and brought up in Sri Lanka and trained in dance since the age of five with professor Mudiyanse Dissanayaka. For over 15 years, I was trained in the three main dance styles of Sri Lanka, Kandyan (Major) , Low Country and Sabaragamu as well as drumming and performing art. As a young trainee artist, I took part in many dance competitions, live performances, and even made TV appearances including my ceremonial graduation and debut (kala eli mangalyaya) as a professional dancer at the age 16. I am passionate about exploring the modern transformative art through the lens of classical and indigenous dance heritage. With the history of Sri Lankan dance forms originating from indigenous healing rituals, I am curious about the application of dance and movement towards physical and mental wellbeing.