Tess Letham

Tess is an independent artist based in Edinburgh. She works as performer for a variety of choreographers and companies, as well as developing her own creations. Her work, with current emphasis in improvisation and physical theatre, utilises the experiences encountered in her life to draw upon, constructing obscure and deeply authentic environments, bringing the audience fully into an intriguing theatrical world. Her inaugural professional work, a self choreographed solo titled ‘How to Survive the Future’ was programmed at festivals across the UK, including the Dance Base Fringe 2018. She is currently working on a new performance project titled 'Remedy for Memory'.

She has spent the last seven years studying the methods of Flying Low and Passing Through, created by David Zambrano, the main focus of her teaching practise, an ambassador of sharing this work across Scotland and further afield. This is a fundamental part of her movement practice and philosophical understanding of what dance represents in the wider context of community and culture. More recently she has begun to teach improvisation for performance, developing a practice that can cross disciplines and encouraging people to use their own life to express themselves through their chosen form. Improvisation is at the core of her current research and she is a co-organiser of 'Something Smashing' - a regular event for improvising dancers and musicians to experiment together in spontaneous performance.