Tashi Gore

I am a performance maker, facilitator and producer and I live locally to the Workroom. I work on a range of projects from intimate studio shows to large scale multi art form community projects in Scotland and internationally. I work predominantly on socially engaged projects with professional artists and participants. I have had a portfolio career combining running my own arts organisation; Glas(s) Performance (which I co- founded with my long-term collaborator Jess Thorpe in 2004) with being a freelance artist and undergraduate teaching at the RCS.

Glas(s) Performance is an international award-winning theatre company that gives voice to unheard stories, told by non-performers. This Glasgow based arts organisation leads socially engaged arts projects of a very high quality and the work always stems from real lived experience and inspired by people and place. Under the banner of Glas(s) Performance I also co-founded award winning Junction 25, a radical performance company for young people that is resident at Tramway in Glasgow.

I also run intergenrational dance party with Laura Bradshaw where we bring people of different generations together to dance and share time together, we see the exchange of dance and music as a key moment of communication between people who would not otherwise find themselves in a space together.