I make visual art and performance, often working collaboratively in making site-specific performance projects. I'm interested in working in sites that prescribe behaviours, to find new ways of moving, speaking and experiencing that place through performance. The value of artefacts, emotive song forms and audience participation are main concerns that recur in my performances. I also work as an artist practitioner within palliative care and as a lecturer in visual performance.

Currently I am working on a collaborative performance titled Warmed Air with somatic movement specialists from various disciplines Laura Bradshaw, Laura Gonzalez and Paul Michael Henry to create a new performance within the Anatomy department of Edinburgh University. The performance will use movement, voice, audience interaction and costume to communicate an exploration of the functioning human body through a framework of anatomical display.

Previous projects include a project titled Your Leaning Neck that was made for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and brought together seven artists including leading traditional Scot’s singers and visual artists who use their voice as their medium to perform in the room of Enlightenment portraits.