After being introduced to dance class in third year of school, I went on to complete Higher Dance and then three years training at West College Scotland. I left in 2016 with my Higher National Diploma in Dance. Midway, I realised my favourite area of dance was creating.

Since graduating, I have been mentored by Gail Sneddon at the Beacon arts centre in Greenock where I have spent time learning to teach. It is important to me to be able to teach to a high degree as I believe teaching and choreographing go hand in hand. I aim to teach classes that combine creative decisions within technical exercises, as well as time to focus on well-being exercises and mindfulness.

In 2018 I would like to learn British Sign Language in order to work with artists and community dancers with hearing loss. I am interested in the idea that dance stands alone and doesn't require music and what that might mean to others.

I enjoy dance films and live performance equally. Choreography, I get most of my ideas from phrases of language, and rhythm in speech.