Solène Weinachter

My love for dance started when I was 5 doing pirouettes (only) on my kitchen floor. Later I formally trained in the regional conservatoire of Lyon and then pursued my training at London Contemporary Dance School where I obtained a BA(Hons) first class degree and an MA in contemporary dance and performance.

I live between my suitcase and Dundee. I first arrived there in 2007 when I worked for Scottish Dance Theatre as a full time member. I became a freelancer in 2012. I built two lasting creative relationships with Ben Duke (Lost Dog) and Joan Clevillé (Joan Clevillé Dance and SDT current director). Story-telling, dance and laughter have been in the center of my practice for the last 10 years.
My freelance path also includes working with Gecko (directed by Amit Lahav), Vera Tussing, Oona Doherty and Rosalind Masson.

As a member of the Work Room and as an independant dance artist, I have been using The Work Room program in the last four years to develop my choreographic practice.
In July 2021, January 2023 and June 2023, I was awarded residency time to research and create my first solo, AFTER ALL.
AFTER ALL uses the lens of funeral rites to celebrate our vulnerable and courageous existence. I meld dance, comedy, storytelling, and theatre to ask 'what happens in the end? '. Through a series of impassioned re-enactments of the funerals of those I have loved - as well as imagining my own - I attempt to conjure a better sort of space, for all of us, to be with death, dying and loss.
AFTER ALL was part of the fringe festival in 2023 and is now touring internationally

In the Autumn 2024, I will start researching a new project with a week and half at the Work Room.

I am also part of Collective Endeavours, a dance/music collective founded in 2010 with Jer Reid who now has become a pool of dancers and musicians in Glasgow. We are a non hierarchical group of musicians and dancers who are exploring improvised performance in both theatrical and non theatrical spaces. The collective was awarded the Beyond bursary for a family event around dance/music improvisation.