Skye Loneragan

movement artist working with text (writer/performer) who believes in curiosity as a kind of currency, both in terms of value and exchange. see

Currently making May Contain Nuts(*) a physical theatre or live art piece born of the time she had to see a pyschiatrist to prove the BBC that her own father's schizophrenia, ficionalised in a radio play, was realistic. Recently, toured the solo show,
Though This Be Madness to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, following on from previous work exploring how we might nurture our collective sanity, and work that explores what it might mean to be a sister/daughter/mother/woman, eg Unsex Me Here (see vimeo/skyeloneragan)

(ongoing) Making a Map of My Mistakes: what means a mis take anyway? installing myself in places & spaces of waiting, to explore how we can transform the present moment through presence. (eg) Glasgow's New Vic hospital with mistakes I'd made and printed from my macro-photographic practice and the visual text 'making a map of my mistakes' to invite patients waiting to join me and tear up what they see into what they'd like to know, shapes they want to make.

Skye has a returning fascination in waiting spaces, and Q-POETICS - places the poet and poetry in places & spaces of waiting. Hinges on the arousal of curiosity. Worked with Comm Games Glasgow, Wigtown Book Fest, Sydney Writers Fest & opening of Kelpies.

(ongoing) Skye&SkyeonSkye- what really IS in a name? collaboration with dancer Skye Reynolds exploring how two diverse practices can work together, having been mistaken for one another over decades