Skye Loneragan

movement artist working with text (performer/performance poet/playwright) For shows: (The Line We Draw, Unsex Me Here, Plucked of Purpose) etc see website: 'Curiosity as Currency'.

Relevant projects:
(current) Though This Be Madness: scripted movement, a new work exploring how we can nurture our collective sanity. A juxtaposition between what you see and what you hear. Physical theatre & poetry. What do we really mean when we talk about something being 'crazy', particularly in relationship to women. Inspired by personal experience and collected conversations. Following on from Unsex Me Here (see vimeo)

(ongoing) Making a Map of My Mistakes: what means a mis take anyway? installing myself in places & spaces of waiting, to explore how we can transform the present moment through presence. (eg) Glasgow's New Vic hospital with mistakes I'd made and printed from my macro-photographic practice and the visual text 'making a map of my mistakes' to invite patients waiting to join me and tear up what they see into what they'd like to know, shapes they want to make.

Q-POETICS - poet and poetry in places & spaces of waiting. Hinges on the arousal of curiosity. Worked with Comm Games Glasgow, Wigtown Book Fest, Sydney Writers Fest & opening of Kelpies.

(ongoing) Skye&SkyeonSkye- what really IS in a name? collaboration with dancer Skye Reynolds exploring how two diverse practices can work together, having been mistaken for one another over decades