I am an award-winning film-maker, artist and teacher. I’ve spent most of my working life as a freelance in the arts, music and media sectors while developing an internationally acknowledged personal practice in creative media arts and dance on screen. My videos and interactive installations have been shown at galleries and film festivals around the world. I mainly use improvisational, performative and choreographic material to develop visual ideas. I draw inspiration from the rhythms of movement; tracing and manipulating hidden (incidental) and created (intentional) choreography. I experiment with motion and emotion. There is always a kinaesthetic response to what I do whether that involves needing to move to interact with works or having an internal reaction to them. Through this approach my aim is to transform the seemingly ordinary and pedestrian into a moment of beauty and emotion. My creative process is often collaborative in that I largely work with dance artists and musicians to create an interdisciplinary art work that combines the vocabularies of choreography and moving image. I find inspiration in the natural world and our relationship to wilderness and community, and this inspiration often comes through reading, dreaming and location based research.