Sharon Took-Zozaya

I am a choreographer, dancer, physical theatre artist and teacher, currently working indoors and in the landscape. My creative practice employs movement sourced in authentic experience shaped into work intended to offer viewers new perspectives, whether lighthearted or more serious. Informed by contemporary dance techniques, dance and theatre improvisation, yoga, guided imagery and somatic practices, my work often includes elements of character, narrative and/or text.

I'm passionate about the transformational power of artistic practices that enrich the lives of audiences, participants and performers, as well as expanding the concept of who can participate in art making. This has led to choreographing, performing and teaching in the USA, in Scotland and abroad across a wide variety of professional, educational and community contexts, working with both able-bodied and dancers with additional support needs of all ages.

Based in the Findhorn Ecovillage since 2018, I've increasingly explored live outdoor performances since the first lockdown, as well as producing live and hybrid performances in the Universal Hall. In 2021, Shadows and Dappled Light, a solo work-in-progress was presented at Citymoves' DanceLive Festival. Also, research for Finding Petunia LittleTree began during a residency with Surge physical theatre company and I'm currently developing it with support from a Creative Scotland Open Fund grant. In 2019 I danced the Swan and was Assistant Choreographer for Buke of the Howlat at the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival, and also contributed performance and choreographic support for Bloom, a multigenerational piece at the Eden Court's Gala. While in California 2003-2017, my work appeared in several San Francisco Bay Area festivals.