Sarah Hopfinger

I am a Glasgow-based artist working in dance and performance as a director, performer, researcher and university lecturer. My practice sits between choreography, live art and contemporary theatre. I create performances with a diversity of collaborators, including children and adults, professional and nonprofessional performers and dancers, disabled and non-disabled people, and other artists. Inclusion and collaboration underpin my approach, and my work is often based on, and explores, human interconnections with each other and wider environmental ecological systems. For my practice-based PhD I researched an ecological performance practice, developing methods of collaborative devising and movement that enact our entanglements with the more-than-human world.
Recent work includes Making Routes (2017) and Wild Life. For Making Routes I was commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, South London Gallery and Oasis Play to devise a relaxed performance in collaboration with an ensemble of disabled and non-disabled young performers between 6 and 23 years old. The production explored play-fighting through dance and activities with lots of recycled foam off-cuts. It challenged who gets to play-fight in the context of disability. For Wild Life (2014 / 2016), produced by Platform, I directed and co-devised an intergenerational dance performance with 8 professional and nonprofessional performers between 9 and 70 years old. The piece was a celebration and embodiment of wildness.