Salma Francoise Faraji

Aerobics With Soul® is a cultural and multi-dimensional approach to exercise, whose origins go back to traditional African dance. It is an innovative combination of the magic, spontaneity, creativity, expression, music and rhythms of Africa, with the safety guidelines of the American Fitness industry. Contemporary and traditional African music is used for the multi- level classes. The only requirement is an open mind and a happy relaxed body. The dances are broken down into beginning, intermediate and advanced moves, so everyone can get a good aerobic workout at their own fitness level. Aerobics With Soul®, will liberate the dancer in you, and show you that fitness with a world beat, is educational, entertaining and fantastically fun. The only requirement is an open mind, a relaxed, happy body, and the ability to NOT take yourself too seriously!
I have been teaching Aerobics With Soul ® for a number of years in the UK, and am pleased to be a Dance Lecturer at the RCS for their Body Conditioning and Wellness classes.