I am both a dance maker and writer. Before training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, I studied English Literature and Film Studies. This interest in the social and political contexts in which art is made informs my choreography, and I often use language, its structure and implications, as a basis for starting movement. I am interested in what movement can specifically give us as opposed to other art forms.

I write about and review dance for Springback Magazine, The Skinny and seeingdance.com. This analytical engagement with dance forms part of the same practice as my choreography. I also believe that critical and engaged responses to an art form are key for that discipline moving forward. I am passionate about coverage of dance, and hope that an accessible, passionate, encompassing and probing journalistic approach can, amongst other things, open up dance to a wider audience.

My past works have included: investigations into the (gendered) politics that created ballet; a dance-theatre piece inspired by Joseph Heller’s ‘Catch-22’; two works reacting to the Trump presidency, titled ‘Great’ and ‘Some People Say'; and a science-fiction inspired short solo. I am currently developing 'A Falling Ballet', wherein audience members can walk through the piece and observe ballet from new and exciting perspectives.