Róisín O'Brien

I am a choreographer and dance writer. I have been making dance in Scotland since 2016, including 'Entrails' (2016, Edinburgh Fringe), 'Great' (2017, Dancebase Heads Up showcase), 'Some People Say' (2018, Resolution and Hidden Door), and '"the tower, which was not supposed to be there"' (2018, Only Skin scratch night).

Since February 2019, I have been working on 'A falling ballet', where audience members can walk through the piece and observe ballet from new and exciting perspectives. 'A falling ballet' has been developed with support from Creative Scotland, Citymoves Dance Agency and Summerhall, and has been performed at Hidden Door, DanceLive, Pianodrome and Summerhall Scratch Night.

I write about and review dance for numerous online and print publications, including The Guardian, Fjord Review, Springback Magazine, The Skinny and Seeing Dance, as well as show programmes. I am open to being contacted with regard to writing about people's work, either from an outside journalistic perspective or from within the process in a creative/collaborative capacity.

I also have experience in festival management, PR, and arts administration.