Rho McGuire

I am an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on collaboration with audiences. During my often durational performances, I build temporary communities and instigate an experience of conversing with the land. My work is often held in site-specific outdoor environments, in the urban landscape of city living and art galleries. My work explores questions of where we are, what we were made for and where do we go from here. My degree show was an immersive installation which took audiences on a journey, a soundscape played of wild swimming in bodies of water around Scotland, participation in group movement and choreography, and spoken word poetry. These poems were based on the ideas of after life, bridging our connections with the non-human and considering the planet as our friend. The text also proposed weather and wind as our unifier, our constant. Is wind able to take us somewhere, show us something, can we live more in line with the seasons and rest periods nature offers us? I believe live art can drive joint narratives which include us all in our wider ecology. I hope that with each performance I can bring rooms full of people together, in soft, slow work. Based on the research of Tim Ingold's theories of our entanglement and embodiment with the natural world, and Rebecca Tamàs's focus of wholeness over purpose, I hope that together we can abandon our fast-paced consumer-based economy and society. With transportable, ecological and alternative work we can connect together and transcend binaries and disciplines.