Rebecca Moore

I graduated with a BA hons in Choreography and performance from Dartington incorporating Falmouth University in 2013,and got a student bursary to create a piece of graduate Choreography for the University. Since then I have been working as a freelance Dance Artist in Glasgow and surrounding areas, working with a number of Scotland based artists.

My main practice of late has been looking into facilitation and Contact Improvisation, recently I have started to incorporate my Pilates teaching practice into my movement practice, and I would like the time to develop some workshops based around this combination of movement philosophies, incorporating Pilates mat-based equipment/objects as bio feedback.

I am also interested in looking into dance and sociology and I am currently researching into Scottish folk dances and notation. I would like some advice and time to work out if this might develop into a choreographic/sculptural piece or not. I am looking to find collaborators who work with sound and sculpture also.

I feel that being connected to a supportive artist’s network, eligible to apply for a residency, and having access to the workrooms excellent programme of events and advisory sessions would be really helpful to my development as an independent artist, dancer and choreographer. It would allow me to find the time and space which i currently do not have, to share and exchange skills and ideas in a more productive way.