Pete Lannon

I'm a performance maker based in Glasgow. I make playful, physical performances for adult and young audiences, sometimes with non-professional performers of various ages. I am one-third of Scottish performance company SUPERFAN, with Ellie Dubois & Kim Donohoe. We were National Theatre of Scotland Company in Residence in 2021 and won the 2019 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust award for Nosedive. (Check us out via the links.)

Recent work:
-'Stuntman', an explosive duet by two men exploring the relationships between violence and masculinity through stunts and satire, and examines the impact violence has on men and boys. Part of the Made in Scotland showcase at Edinburgh Fringe 2023.
- 'Raised by Wolves', a new site responsive performance for forests aimed at young audiences. Inspired by true and fictional stories of feral children, and investigating the social codes that form the world around us and the wildness in us all. Currently in development.
- 'Like Animals', a contemporary theatre show about love and communication, inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by a real-life couple. Touring 2022.
- 'Nosedive', a new intergenerational circus show about age, the future, uncertainty, and living in a the moment before a fall. Winner of the 2019 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, premiering at Platform and the Barbican in Autumn 2019.