“Utterly compelling, the astonishingly talented Henry has much to say.”

 - Glasgow Theatre Blog

“A singular talent of grace and power” – Lorna Irvine (reviewer for the List and Exuent)

“Paul Michael Henry is a disciplined, creative and unique performer to Scotland and I have not seen his like in Europe in fact.“ – Morag Deyes (Artistic Director, Dance Base Edinburgh)

I make performances through dance, music and writing; my approach grows out of Butoh, punk rock and ritual. The themes are political, social & spiritual, dealing with love, neglect of the body, destruction of the environment and atrophy of the soul in consumerist society.

My work has been shown in many contexts over the last 7 years throughout the UK and in Italy, Sweden, Germany, the United States, France and Japan. Examples include a tour of the United States in 2017 with solo performance Laughter at Being Crushed (Chicago Post-Butoh Festival, Asheville Butoh Festival, UNFIX New York City), performances in Japan (Hijikata Tatsumi: The Last Word, Keio University 2017), Sweden (Stockholm Fringe Festival 2012 and 2013) and many performances in Italy since 2010. Most of my work has been done through DIY networks.

I also make recorded music and collaborate on other artists' projects. I'm Artistic Director of UNFIX Festival which is held annually in Glasgow, New York and Tokyo. I also teaches regular dance workshops called The Dreaming Body at the Centre for Contemporary Arts.