Nikhita Devi

Nikhita's (they/them) practice is deeply rooted in their Indian heritage, based primarily on Indian classical dance, but also draws heavily from bellydance (or raqs sharqi) and burlesque. It is also influenced by their studies of martial arts and the spiritual practices of yoga and tantra. Their dance allows them to express themself and helps them connect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with themself, their audience and their community. They hope that infusing the movement vocabulary of classical dance styles with the sensuality and earthiness of bellydance and burlesque will help to inspire and liberate femmes, the LGBTQ community and the South Asian community at home and abroad.

As well as physical dance they also engage in academic research to enhance their knowledge, bring understanding and respect to what they do, and contextualise their work. They investigate questions of identity, sexuality, heritage and freedom of expression, and are currently in staging a solo show that will be staged at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow on 30.04.2024.