Niall Tessier-Lavigne

I’m a queer nonbinary artist working in dance, interactive media, videogames and sound. I make work intended to be experienced by individuals or small groups. I’m based in Glasgow, and grew up in and around Nairn, a fishing town on the northeast coast.
I use interactivity and play as a means to disarm expectations, and prompt sincere, curious and emotive engagement. My games act as vessels for memory, sense of place and time, and as hallucinatory devices that evoke feelings difficult to translate by other means. I'm most interested in work that attempts to interact with existing culture and history.

In recent years, my practice has become more interdisciplinary, looking at game environments as rich stages for performance and atmosphere. Engaging with my parents' theatrical and dance background has lead me to reflect on the aesthetic influences that mark me, and I've been exploring ways of strengthening this connection in my work. This has lead me to take a more dramaturgical and choreographic approach, eschewing digital approaches to movement in favour of hand-lead, imprecisely motion-captured and erratically puppeteered movement.

My work on the narrative videogame ‘despelote’ was in exhibition at Tribeca Film Festival (2023). My collaborative work ‘Musselled Out’ (2023), commissioned by COMPOST Magazine, looked at how security agencies greenwash oppressive colonial border enforcement practices. My Creative Scotland-funded work ‘Plaything’, a collaboration with filmmaker Will Anderson, was commissioned by V&A Dundee and shown as part of the exhibition Design/Play/Disrupt (2019).