Nandini Manjunath

I am Choreographer, a Kathak (Indian classical dance) dancer, a Dance Movement psychotherapist and a Social scientist/Doctoral researcher. I have trained professionally in both Jaipur and Lucknow Gharana styles of Kathak from Natya institute of Kathak and Choreography, Bangalore under Guru Dr. Maya Rao and advanced training under Guru Prerna Chaturvedi. I graduated with a BA Hons. in Choreography from Bangalore University, India. I completed my training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist in 2018 and hold a Professional doctorate in counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Edinburgh.

In my present practice, I am passionate about bringing the creative into the academic and bringing all of my dancer, psychotherapist, social activist/feminist and researcher selves into the different spaces I reside and work in.