Nadia Sewnauth

Nadia is a Hip-Hop Dance Artist from Dumbarton, Scotland specialising in Funkstyles. Her aim is bringing funkstyles to the local community in a preserved format and she has been sharing knowledge at her dance school Funk Forever since 2013. She is currently bringing her practice to a wider audience by exploring choreography and performance. This takes influences from her own life, her recent experiences of motherhood and broader issues facing women, mothers and multi ethnic people in hip-hop, dance, Scotland and society as whole.

Current projects are research and development of her solo hip hop dance theatre piece "My Maw is a Robot" which was funded by Creative Scotland's Open Fund in 2023 to further develop the piece for a younger audience. This involved working with and performing in local schools.

She also collaborates with Shelltoe Mel on the Female Funk Fruition Project. This was started up in 2023 through Sunny Govan's Hip Hop fund and provides hip hop dance sessions for females (and identifying females). The objective is to provide a fun and relaxed environment where you can learn new skills in a safe place. This project is supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Fund in 2024/25.

Nadia was Artist in Residence at Beacon Arts Centre where she ran a project to develop relations with new audiences in the area. She engaged with 0-12 year old young people and their families through Hip Hop Movement sessions in the centre and the community of Inverclyde. Funded by Inverclyde Culture Collective.

She is building on this relationship as part of the Beacon's Creative Minds #2 in May 2024. Nadia has been running weekly sessions with young people at Branchton Community Centre to develop an outdoor dance piece.