Merav Israel

I am a dance practitioner who works with choreography in the broadest sense crossing between installation, events and dance performance. I am interested in movement, perception and presence and how these compose who we are and the way we relate to ‘other’. These existential and fundamental aspects of being are at the centre of my creative work as a dance artist and as a Feldenkrais Method practitioner and psychotherapist. My choreographic work is influenced by embodiment, and spiritual and environmental sensitivities.
My approach to making is embedded in research and experimentation. I start from a field of enquiry which allows space for the unknown and unexpected and allows the new discoveries, questions and generated material lead the realisation of the work.
My artistic work includes installation/dance events, improvisational and experimental compositions, working with scores, objects and video. My interest is in presenting work in non -theatre spaces and the immediacy of experience for the audience and performers.
I am also a co founder and member of the In the Making Collective. During 2006-2016 I created work under LaNua as artistic director and choreographer.