Matthew Hawkins

I am an independent practitioner of more than 25 years' standing. I work internationally as a teacher, performer and choreographer. I live in Edinburgh and am currently sustained by teaching opportunities in college settings (Glasgowclyde) and amid the professional and community cycles at Dance Base Edinburgh. I research and develop projects during choreographic residencies - the research also being a vehicle for discoveries I make during teaching. Residencies in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen (supported by Creative Scotland and Edinburgh Council)have fostered collaborations with visual artists (Cupar Biennial), composers and contemporary musicians. A recent performance project was in collaboration with Red Note Ensemble/Orkney Festival/Studio Wayne McGregor. I participate in score-based improvisational performance with In The Making - in initiatives I co-steer with dance artists Merav Israel and Claire Pencak. Right now I am presenting a low-tech site friendly solo piece called READY, in a variety of settings.