Mark Bleakley

As an artist and choreographer I work across dance and visual arts contexts. Formally trained in visual art, my practice is rooted in social dance (through Bboying and House dance). My practice incorporates contemporary choreographic and improvisational practices. My work explores how We handle things; people, objects and how objects handle Us through: environments, architecture, and social structures.

My practice is rooted in the kinaesthetic experiences of the performer and audience through the process and activation of the artwork. Working with performance may work incorporates the use of materials as a means to create structures of play and mediation of experience this can be in the form of sculptural forms or performing with objects, throughout my performance practice there is a negotiation with the question of what endures? This drives me to keep insisting on an interdisciplinary approach.

My movement practice is based on protocol, score based explorations and improvisational structures such as call and response rich within forms of social dance. My movement development focuses on singular intentions or sensations which then build up a constellation of forms and images surrounding the explorations, this is where I develop the worlding and aesthetics of my work, shaping the forms of documentation and framing. I see each artwork (Performance or object based) as a crystallising of a constellation of ideas, references and experiences I am constantly swimming with.