Lucia August

I'm a queer, elder, seasoned California choreographer, performer, and dance educator who recently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. I love using movement and spoken word in my work. I was honoured to receive the “Global Talent with Exceptional Promise” Residency Visa. Since 2010, I've been sharing my solo performances in many wonderful places, like the San Francisco International Arts Festival, the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, and three Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. I'm also excited to be part of local Edinburgh shows, including 2023's Pride Breakfast, LGBT Health and Wellbeing's Winter Celebration, and two Holiday shows at Dance Base.

I've faced some tough times in the dance world due to my larger-than-average dancer’s body, but I've managed to overcome those challenges to pursue a dance career. Now in my 70s, I'm all about inspiring others who dream of creating art at any age. My ongoing mission is to showcase my art in a world where older and plus-size bodies are often considered unsuitable for dance and movement. I want my audience to see the beauty and power of dance from a non-traditional dancer's body. I aim to redefine what beautiful and compelling dance looks like, moving away from limited perspectives on age and body size in dance. I hope to inspire people to break free from ingrained notions and overcome negative beliefs. Through my vision and practice, I try to convey that one can achieve anything one desires by challenging assumptions, questioning expectations, and celebrating success.