Lisa Fannen

I've been experimenting with improvised movement and text/words. More recently also been exploring improvisation with a combination of elements: movement, text, sampled & live sound and projected film. And I've been interested in sharing related performances in non-conventional venues; squats, community centres etc.

I’ve just put out a collection of poetry called Faultline which I'm interested in reading solo and weaving together as part of a duo I am in called Claquer with Jer Reid improvising with text/words, guitar, loops, distortion, sound.

I also work and organise around health and social justice. I’m a bodyworker and community herbalist. I put a feminist health book together called Threads, and am part of the Radical Herbalism gathering, which for the past 5 years has been putting on an annual 3 day gathering to explore holistic medicine, plant medicine and the interection of that with social justice/change. I’ve been involved with Herbalists Without Borders who work to generate herbal medicine and health care access to migrants, and I’m also part of the Radical Bodywork Network wishing to make politicised somatic practices and therapeutic space more accessible, and to link up and facilitate skillshare between somatic practitioners who are working in a social justice framework.