Libby Odai

I am Libby Odai a “creative technologist” (which is essentially a creative practitioner who uses technology) and rollerskating performer. With my work I am to blend traditionally “feminine” crafts, such as crochet and dance, with the “masculine” digital as a form of community activism.

Community engagement is a touchstone of my work, and I strive for greater equality and accessibility in my practice. I use community-led engagement to form the basis of my work. During my working process I aim to I hope to educate and empower communities to devise their own algorithmic systems and break the mold of the “default” in technology in terms of race, class, gender and sexuality.

I am also a roller skater and performer, co-owning the roller skating company Sugar and Spin with Chrissie Ardill. Previously, we have performed for community events in Glasgow at Govanhill Baths and at Govanhill Carnival.