Laura Johnston-Scott

I am an Italo-Scottish dance artist based in the Scottish Highlands.

I am committed to creating opportunities of public engagement and social inclusion through the medium of dance, and believe in the importance of working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner to bridge gaps between different community groups. I am passionate about making the arts accessible to young people and at a community level and introducing them to art forms with which they might not be familiar. Empowering communities through the arts and, working in rural areas and cross art form collaboration are particularly important to me.

Most of my projects are develop for and with young people, working as choreographer and facilitator to engage young people with their emotions through the arts and allowing them to have an outlet to express, explore and question their world. The work I create takes inspiration from the everyday, exploring how our bodies communicate, with a passionate interest in the link between everyday actions and dance.

As a choreographer, I am more concerned with honesty than perfection. My goal is to create something meaningful and gratifying and although I am not necessarily always aiming to tell a specific story, I am interested in conveying meaning through emotion.