Laura Fisher

I am a dance artist, producer, and choreographic performance maker based in Glasgow. Broadly, my practice is rooted in the expanded field of dance and draws on my formative training in dance and contemporary performance practice as well as my lived and embodied experience of chronic pain and moving through time and space as a disabled person. My work takes the form of organising events, creating my own performance works and supporting other artists and their work through producing, dramaturgy, design or creative collaboration.

My movement practice occurs at home, in rest, through urban environments, in galleries and studios and on nightclub dance floors in the wee hours of the morning. I am committed to the life long process of unlearning ableist notions of dance and de-centring the physically elitist body from the core of dance practice.
I often work site specifically or site responsively but the form of my work is varied and multidisciplinary, spanning: film, sculpture, live performance, publication, installation, audio and participatory performance. Current research enquiries are around choreographic space, audience embodiement and non human movement/relations within expanded dance.

I consider space as an artistic and political collaborator across performance, dramaturgy and producing.

who occupies space? who can access it? who is visible? how do you/we experience moving through it? These questions are present across all aspects of my work and practice.