Laura Cameron-Lewis

I'm a performance artist and writer. Primarily my practice has been within a theatre context (devised, dance theatre, site specific), and after a detour into digital performance practice I'm returning to inhabiting my body as a creative being and to writing about and through the body. I'm interested in women's embodied experiences, and currently exploring ritual and repetition, a spiritual poetry of being and creating consciousness. Currently landscape based I'm exploring the rhythms of the seasons, the light and the weather in the Outer Hebrides where I live. I'm practicing the mundane and the necessary: peat cutting, carrying seaweed, shearing sheep, standing against the wind, walking old paths of survival and trade, walking the clifftops looking for my sheep, carding, spinning, weaving. I'm exploring the borders between the necessary and the sublime, finding new energies in the poetry and incantations of the old ways and the need for rootedness, sensemaking, meditation. I'm planning to explore this through a series of durational performances on the Isle of Lewis.