With a research background in Human Geography, my movement practise is motivated by the co-generative relation between moving bodies and social space.
I studied Human Geography at the University of Glasgow and the University of Iceland, a discipline fundamentally concerned with people, space and place. My research focused on emotional geographies, and the geographies of the body and movement, an interest that led to a thesis entitled "The Perambulatory Geographies of Icelandic Women in Reykjavik”.
This research project fore fronted the body’s located-ness in the production of social life, and prompted many other questions for me relating to bodily agency and resistance. Dance practise has provided a means for me to begin to engage with some of these questions.
I have since studied at The Scottish School for Contemporary Dance, and at SMASH Berlin, a two month intensive training in experimental physical performance. My practise is motivated by a belief in the capacity of all moving bodies to radically produce their own surroundings and experience. I am interested in working with others to form projects that work with this notion in varying contexts.