Kirstin Halliday

I am a dance artist and performer based in Glasgow. My movement practice is motivated by the co-generative relation between moving bodies and social space.
I have a research background in Human Geography, a discipline fundamentally concerned with people, space and place. My research at the University of Glasgow and the University of Iceland focused on emotional geographies, the geographies of the body, gender and movement. My thesis was entitled "The Perambulatory Geographies of Icelandic Women in Reykjavik”. Geographical research prompted many other questions for me relating to bodily agency and resistance. My dance practice enables me to engage physically with these questions through research and performance. I have developed and delivered movement workshops based on the literary figure of the Flaneuse.
I have studied at The Scottish School for Contemporary Dance, and at SMASH Berlin, an intensive training in experimental physical performance. My practice is motivated by a belief in the capacity of all moving bodies to radically affect their own experience. I am interested in working with others to form projects that work with this notion in varying contexts.

Selected Recent Performance Work
Linder Sterling BOWER OF BLISS (Liverpool Biennale 2021)
Linder Sterling's BOWER OF BLISS IMPROPER ARCHITECTURES (Kettles Yard 2020)
Alexandra Davenport's IN THE GAP BETWEEN (Summerhall 2020)
Katariina Yli-Malmi's REVERSAL RITUALS (Talbot Rice Gallery)