I am an interdisciplinary artist who has worked in communities across the globe for over 20 years. My practice seeks to awaken personal and shared spaces, taking participants on a journey of discovery which translates into a more vibrant and connected view of the world and self. Originally from Philadelphia (PA,USA) I have been based in Glasgow for over 17 years and have presented/facilitated work in the USA, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Syria & Lebanon. One of my best known works is my 484 days of dance I initiated at the Glasgow Broomielaw which gave me the title ‘Glasgow’s Broomielaw Dancing Queen’. Since becoming a Mother in 2012 my work has shifted to allow for the demands of parenting solo, to that end I started the group Mother Artist Scotland. In 2010 I received a commendation from the Scottish Parliament for my contributions to dance and peacemaking in honour of UNESCO World Dance Day.