Karl Jay-Lewin

I am a choreographer, performer and presenter. In addition to my dance and performance practice, I am Creative Director of Moray based arts company Bodysurf Scotland, programming and directing their RISE! festival of contemporary dance and performance. I am co-founder Culture Café, local arts network and an active member of the local and national arts sector.

As a dance maker I'd say my work is generally rooted in the post modern, experimental dance scene, influenced by my eclectic dance training and varied tastes and interests. I like to push boundaries, explore edges, re-contextualise and generally mix things up a bit. If anything, I see my performance work as a quiet cathartic scream and personal antidote to a world that fundamentally makes very little sense. The Work Room seems like a good home, albeit at a distance, for me and my work.

I want to be part of a mutually supportive dance community, one that sees the growth in confidence and success of one artist as integral to the growth of the whole sector. I am also interested in a dance community that looks outward at its relevance and contribution to a wider arts sector and society in general - national and international. I feel that The Work Room offers an opportunity for this.