Kae Sakurai

Originally from Tokyo, Kae Sakurai has a background in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. She first became interested in Scottish Dance at age 18, through Country Dancing in Tokyo which led to an interest in Highland Dance. She competed in Japan, Scotland, and the U.S.A. and qualified as a Highland Dance teacher in 1995. She taught Highland Dancing in Tokyo for eight years before moving to Scotland in 2005. Since then she has pursued Scottish Step Dancing having studied in Scotland and Cape Breton.

Kae is an experienced choreographer who has collaborated with musicians and dancers like Janet Lees, Wallace Calvert, Corran Raa, Ainsley Hamill, Donald Lindsey, Aneta Dortova, Jennifer Oag and Lora Abe. Recent performances with traditional folk band Barluath include Celtic Connections and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

The Sound of Dance project was set up by Kae Sakurai in 2015 to explore the communication between dancers and musicians in live performance of traditional based percussive dances. The rhythm takes on a look, and the tunes tell stories through dance. With a background in contemporary and other styles of dancing, Kae is interested in increasing the range of movements available as expressive tools for step dancers.

A new duo - Kae & Wallace, percussive dance with cello, concertina playing Scottish, Irish tunes including original compositions - is ready to perform in concerts or festivals.