Letitia Pleiades

Letitia Pleiades’s practice spans object making, music production, DJing, dance, performance, writing, and teaching. It is heavily informed by their interest in social justice orientated herbalism, bodywork and accessible wellbeing practices. Their work explores her-story/narrative/intuition, to re-remember, unearth, (re)create and share information and practices that might offer ways through. They co-organise Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) who create supportive spaces for people to try new movement forms, foregrounding the expertise everyone has about their own body and also organise, educate and learn with the Radical Bodywork Network to create wider access to bodywork practices through a social justice lens. They have been involved in performance as a vocalist, dancer and percussionist for over a decade in Glasgow’s vibrant music and dance scenes, recently performing in, and composing music for, Sonic Seance by VD/A Various Dance Artists. They were awarded the Counterflows/Scottish Sculpture Workshop 2019 residency and a Hospitalfields Summer Residency 2020. They also use music and the social spaces around it to create and celebrate alternatives to dominant cultural narratives, co-running Bitter a club night for trans and non-binary people and women.