Julia James-Griffiths is an emerging dance artist based in Scotland. She works as a teacher, performer and choreographer.

As a performer, some of the artists she has worked with have been: Kirstie Simson, Henri Oguike, Matthew Robinson, Tommy Small, Annarita Mazzilli, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, Merav Israel, Natalia Iwaniec, and Christine Devaney.

As an artist, Julia is interested in exploring new movement vocabularies and different forms of artistic expression. Whilst researching the possibilities of the body and mind, these discoveries influence her approach and interpretation of dance theatre and the movement practice she delivers. She has a particular interest in Gaga and Flying Low technique.

The inspiration behind her work comes from her interest in psychology and the senses. She has a keen interest in creating work that explores our human nature and way of life, and in such a way that aims to be refreshingly accessible, honest, insightful, and impactful. The work she develops layers dance and movement with other art forms and practices, such as theatre and improvisation.

Julia is the creator and founder of Mind To Move - a mindful movement practice focused on supporting mental health and well-being through relaxation and movement.