Jenna Corker

Jenna is a contemporary dance artist interested in the performance of dance and all that comes from making and sharing with others. Based in Edinburgh, Jenna has been making, teaching and supporting dance in Scotland for the past two years. She values inclusivity and knowing everyone has the chance to find joy from dance. As well as being a dance artist, Jenna works part-time for a health charity in Pilton, and for the past few months has been coordinating outdoor activities linked to walking.​

Since graduating in 2019 Jenna’s choreographic work has been programmed by Brighton Fringe, Surge, Visual Arts Scotland, and most recently by The Work Room, Dance North Scotland, Citymoves Dance and Tramway. Jenna was part of the DEBs programme in 2019, mentored by Angus Balbernie. She is also a member of Vaiven Dance Collective and regularly collaborates with dancers Alexandra Tsiapi, Francesca Till and Carmen Berbel.

Artist statement:​

I learn through dance and the many stories that live in movement. The performance surprises me as it teaches me something new with an inner language. Words can’t exclude when the body talks. Space opened with movement. Even in the mind. We’ll be alright; the knowing is inside.​

​I am interested in how movement can inhabitant and transform spaces and how witnessing and sharing dance helps us to connect with our inner and outer environments. A recurring force and influence, I am often drawn to the sea, sometimes adding an element of surrealism to my work. I use writing and the voice to help me fall deeper into the stories our bodies tell and I often move and write in response to being outdoors and in nature.​

As well as making dance, I am interested in how choreography can help us to develop, evolve and imagine another way. Using my imagination helps me to dream. It gives me the chance to imagine other possibilities.