Jay Yule is a queer, feminist dance artist originally from Edinburgh. Her choreographic work attempts to shed light on the millennial, existential, political crisis we find ourselves in. Her work with choreographers Theo Clinkard, Sarah Fahie and Luca Silvestrini has undoubtedly fed into her creative practice, as well as her work in puppetry, opera and immersive theatre. Unlocking the mind-body connection, allowing the body to be free of the often-judgemental mind and leaving inhibitions behind is an important step in her practice. Unpacking this relationship can reveal less conventional ways of moving, a territory she finds much more exciting. The content of her work is influenced by feminist philosophies, is of an existential nature and attempts to re-address the audience and performer relationship. Her most recent piece Viva La Vulva focuses on Julia Kristeva’s concept of the Abject, uses elements of live art and questions the patriarchal and heteronormative structures we currently operate in. Jay tries to foster an inclusivity into the way she creates, making art which can be viewed by anyone with the hope of imparting a sense of activism from watching.