Jack Anderson

I am a dancer living and working in Glasgow.

A few things that are important to me: generous, expansive physicality; emphasising liveness; meaningful connections with people; integrity and empowerment; political consciousness, quietly disrupting hierarchies, radical joy.

I started out in Irish dancing, touring with Rhythm of the Dance and Celtic Legends. Working with Breandán de Gallaí in Ériu Dance Company, and a chance encounter with a ballet class at the Alvin Ailey studios, sent me towards classical and contemporary training. In 2024 I came back to Irish dancing after a decade, and am re-embracing it in a new project with Charlotte Mclean.

As a performer, I’ve worked a lot with Éowyn Emerald & Dancers and Shotput, and a bit with others including Farah Saleh, Jonzi D, Aya Kobayashi & Monika Smekot, Gwynne Bilski, Rob Heaslip, Indepen-dance, Company Chordelia and Barrowland Ballet.

I’ve taught company class as a guest teacher for New Adventures and Stopgap Dance Company, and regularly teach adults from absolute beginner to professional level at Scottish Ballet, Dance Base, The Work Room, Dance Glasgow and others.

I facilitate inclusive dance workshops, mentoring and practitioner training with Paragon, and for Indepen-dance.

I work with lots of young people on Scottish Ballet’s Safe to Be Me programme, and was an Immerse Artist in Residence for Imaginate in 2022.

I trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and am also qualified as a Gym Instructor.