Himadri Madan

I am a performer, choreographer and dance teacher with training in Bharatnatyam and Kathak along with Bollywood. I studied BA Hons. in Choreography from Bangalore University, India and an MFA in Choreography from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. My choreographic practice is situated in creating socially and politically relevant work through the vocabulary of Indian classical dance, in turn exploring contemporary ways to understand and enjoy this traditional art form and making a space for North Indian classical dance in Scotland. In India, I choreographed and managed over 20 productions in collaboration with Cornucopia Creations, ISKCON, LVDS. Further, I closely worked with Non-Profit organisations such as ISPTD, Makkal Jagriti and Anandi Arts Foundation and organised events like the first Dance world cup - India Qualifiers in 2018 with ISPTD and ASMI - Music and Dance festival (for lesser privileged girls) with Anandi Arts Foundation and Makkala Raga (a dance drama production for children from lesser privileged backgrounds) with Makkal Jagriti. In Scotland, I co-head Agnya Movement, Edinburgh and have presented work at Glasgow Mela, 2020, Euro 2020, and Glasgow Mela 2021 in collaboration with Theiya Arts and Anahata band and the webcast series 'the story I see' an arts-based research project that delves into gendered identity and body politics in collaboration with the Centre of Biomedicine self and society, University of Edinburgh at Being Human festival