Hannah Wright

Hannah Wright is an artist and creative working and living between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Through a multi-disciplined practice, working across mediums such as video, photography, movement and Dance, Wright uses a queer gaze to explore the inequalities within society. By creating immersive environments that sit within the different social realm, Wright hopes to challenges her audience to ultimately question the social norms, taboos and oppressions of our contemporary world. Through concepts of play, sequence, dance and popular culture, the artist investigates themes of sexual assault, harassment, mental health and heteronormativity. How can we challenge the innate sexual repression and heteronormative dominance that is ingrained within our society? By placing art within a space, the space is disrupted and is no longer conformed to previous social formalities. You are invited to reinvent the space and the behaviour that goes with it, drawing back to your own sense of self and otherness. The artist allows her audience to let go and release societal constraints and idealism in an otherwise confirmative world. Using movement as a source of devising, Wright explores how we can express the emotions only the body can tell.