Gemma Jones (b.1995) is a Glasgow based artist working within the medium of live performance.

She uses her body in relation to the notion of materiality to question the limitations and external possibilities of the body. In previous work the body has been used in relation to specific materials to ask questions, especially regarding current feminist perspectives. Influenced by the notion of creating movements/body activities that exceed beyond language and access new unknown areas of our subconscious, she uses pre-prepared scores and improvisation in the moment. - using research, previous body states and images to influence this improvisation.

Her work has been performed at Stryx Gallery & Vivid Projects (Birmingham) Asylum Gallery (Wolverhampton) Enclave Projects (London) PTTH:// Gallery (Luzern) and the following festivals: Disorder live art Festival (Wolverhampton) Spill yer Tea (Liverpool)and Stereoskop Performance Art festival, Civic House (Glasgow).

Gemma is a graduate of B.A (Hons) Painting and Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art and a former Committee Member at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.