Gabriela Sanchez Troncoso

I am professional Chilean dancer and just finished Sistema Rio Abierto, Gestalt therapy training focused on the use of movement as healing. It gave me a new vison of what I am doing relating with dance, movement and the people and I lead groups with this system in Inverness and then at Findhorn Foundation for the youth experience week and also at Newbold House for adults with the workshop “Expressive movement for all”, currently I am doing workshops in Forres, Findhorn, Edinburgh and Spain.
I describe myself as an explorer and composer of movement and space and work mainly with site-specific movement, focus on the use of environment and what happens to me in it.

I have trained extensively in contemporary dance, under institutions, mentors and private workshops. My particular focus and passion is improvisation and release technique.
A small selection of these trainings are included below.

"Espai de Dansa i creació" contemporary dance school Barcelona. 5 years. Graduate in contemporary dance.
Instituto Del Teatre, Vic, Catalonia. 1 year. Graduate, ballet and contemporary dance.
"Art School Vic" Barcelona. 5 years. Graduate, Sculpture and Painting,
Gata Titania Dance theater with Professor Jordi Batista Milian. 3 years. Qualification in dance theater.
Student of tap dance in Barcelona and Chile. 4 years.
Vina Del Mar Theatre School, Chile. 1 year. Intensive training and study of Butoh dance.

I am the Founder of Cia.