Fran Till

Movement artist based in Glasgow

Moved to Scotland from Italy to study dance and be close to the stunning mysterious nature .
Graduated from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance (The Space) in 2019 .

Travelling to Europe for dance intensives to learn different movement languages ~ Fighting Monkey/Slovenia, Figueres es Mou/Spain, ConnectLab/Brussels, FM/Slovakia ..

I perform and choreograph on stage, outdoor and screen .

I love hiking and moving in nature ! And improvising with movement in my bedroom .

I am fascinated by the beauty of each human's unique movement language .
I like collaboration and group research .

I am one of four creators/members of 'Vaiven movement collective' ~ together we have performed outdoor movement work in Scotland .

I toured Scotland in 2023 as part of 'A Wee Journey' by Farah Saleh and Oguz Kaplangi after its Edinburgh International Festival debut in 2022. A dance collaboration created with all the participants' stories of migration and identity .

Collaborating since 2022 with singer/musician/performer Evie Waddell. Touring Fàilte Gu BSL , stage work exploring British sign language, Scottish culture and Gaelic through stories, music and movement .

My dance journey started when I was young in a small community dance school in hometown Cremona, Italy . I am still close with Il Laboratorio (the school) . Together we collaborate on projects and I teach classes to share my practice .