Emily Nicholl is a Scottish circus artist interested in creation in the places between disciplines. With a background in politics and environmental education, her research interests lie in our varying relationships with the outdoors. In making work she aims to find story and ask questions through honest and striking physicality. Her specialisms are based around partnering in partner acrobatics, dance and aerial choreography.

Emily devised and toured internationally with Ockham's Razor's Total Theatre award winning show Tipping Point and was on the creative team for their new intergenerational show This Time. She creates duets with dancer Nathan Johnston and other experiences includes work with all female group Mimbre, Dior, NoFitState Circus, EEA, the RSC, The Royal Lyceum Theatre and Peut Etre Theatre.

As producer she has worked with the critically acclaimed #Pianodrome and is a recipient of a Jerwood Arts Award.

Emily founded SharEdCircus, which aims to enhance the training and skill sharing possibilities in Scotland with workshops across circus and physical practice disciplines from visiting teachers.

She also writes and takes photos.