Craig Manson

Craig Manson's performance work spans across theatre, live art, dance, cabaret and club performance. His practice is largely movement focused, with a particular interest in the 'untrained' dancer's body; how it moves, and how it is perceived by others. Craig has no formal dance training or experience and his body is not perceived as a typical dancer's, but audiences are often surprised by its flexibility and endurance in performance. He's interested in this liminal space - of performing with the conviction of a professional dancer whilst embracing and celebrating the qualities of his untechnical, imprecise movement vocabulary. With a signature deadpan performance style that's usually funny and always a bit cheeky, his performances often explore facets of modern queer/gay male identity and how they are rooted in the way the male body is perceived.

Craig works collaboratively to make all kinds of performance work, from loud, funny theatre shows to slow, gentle performance actions. As an artist he is always seeking to explore new ways of making, thinking and doing with other people, and it is vital for him to be pushed and challenged in his habits, methods and thoughts.

Since graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2016, Craig has worked with numerous individuals and organisations to support his practice including Tramway, the Centre For Contemporary Art, Buzzcut, The Yard, Platform, National Theatre of Scotland, Scottee and James Ley.