Corinne Jola

As a choreographer (CoCoDanse) and researcher/scientist (Abertay University), I am interested in Choreographic Practice that links Art and Science. My explorations are situated at the intersection of science and art and I study how we can use a dance and science together to better understand sensory processes of human interactions. Based on my multidisciplinary background, it is important to me to act as a facilitator for continuous dialogue between science, dance and theatre practices, with the aim of developing effective understandings of how people communicate through creative movement.

In my movement practice, I am very intrigued in the link between everyday actions and dance. I like to unlock the "natural" expressions present within each dancers/performer and to make those "ubiquitous" intentions visible to others.
In both my artistic and scientific work, I am very intrigued by the relationship between the presence of the performer and the audiences' reactions to it.

In my scientific work, I broadly study effects of dancers' and dance spectators experiences in watching dance; their emotional and brain activity. I am also interested in how dancing and watching dance can change the representation not only of movement but of ourselves.

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