Clark Wallace

Clark Wallace is a dancer, performer, choreographer, and creator from Ayrshire in the West of Scotland. He is interested in performing and creating work which challenges and educates audience members about mental health, social justice & injustice, politics, and poverty. Clark uses the understanding of people with lived experiences to create genuine, expressive, and didactic performance pieces – challenging the norms of everyday life and inciting self-reflection of audience members leaving them with personal unanswered questions.

Clark started his training at West College Scotland in Paisley in 2011 obtaining an HND in Dance Artistry. Since graduating in 2014 Clark started his production company, specialising in dance video production and creating opportunities for dancers training and working within Scotland. Clark has recently completely his BA Hons in Dance & Drama, graduating with First Class Honours in July 2020. Clark has uncovered a keen interest in education and the development of dance education within the Scottish school system, his teaching methods are aligned with a humanistic and cognitive approach. He believes in providing the tools, structure, and support for an individual participant to learn and realise their own potential through guided self-exploration.

In the future, Clark aims to expand his knowledge and understanding of dance education through research projects and hopes to pursue further qualifications in education and learning in the arts.