Clarinda Tse

I am an artist, a listener, a movement and community practitioner. My creative practice explores (in)humanity with a focus on the perforation of soft-edged boundaries and their transitional qualities. My mediums include body, text, sound, Cantonese, non-verbal communication, translucent surfaces, bio-material, foods and vessels, humming a testimony of collaborative survival.

My creative process embodies porousness and association amongst the uncanny, the everyday, quiet life forms and gestures, manifested in performance-making, performing and writing. Performance for me is an extension of study from object to body, from installation to live art. My work navigates the poetic flow, float and movement of non-hegemonic knowledge through performance, practicing vulnerability and hospitality in negotiation with non-violence. Through interactions with fluid, possibly alive beings, enters a bio-political dialogue of holding and inhabiting.